CAROL, IT'S ALL GOOD! Thank you so much for coming and teaching us all the great defensive techniques that have been so much fun to learn! You are a wonderful teacher and there was not a single class exempt of laughter! It has been a pleasure being your students and we really hope to see you again! Thank you.

Grade 9 Girls Class
Rick Hansen Secondary School

Carol, it has been approximately 4 years since I took a course with you at Sir William Mulock Secondary School and I haven't forgotten a THING. You truly are inspirational, not only in the work you do but the fun, enthusiastic and energetic VIBE you bring with you.
Your commitment is outstanding and you can really tell you have a passion for what you do. I would encourage every school to be a part of this course as it is SO beneficial!

1st Year Seneca Student
Police Foundations

Attention, courtesy, right leg back, defensive stance, jab punch, reverse punch and knee strike! I will never forget these moves. I both enjoyed your class and learned from it. Carol you are the best and funniest teacher on earth. Maple High School is hoping to see you next year. Never forget Carol, IT'S ALL GOOD!

Grade 9 Student

I would just like to say thank you to Carol Connor for the amazing self defense lesson she did at Emily Carr Secondary School first period. This was an awesome experience and I learned many new things on top of the self defense I learned at karate for 4 years. You were a great teacher and very funny and I look forward to seeing you next year in gym class.
Thank you

Grade 9 student

Hey Carol, it's your "favourite" grade 9 gym class! Thanks for being such a great self defense instructor. It's been really cool knowing you and we're really upset that you have to leave so soon.
We're all going to miss you and your routines, everything from your jokes to your ponytail!

Grade 9 Class
Rick Hansen Secondary School

Thank you for teaching us to defend ourselves. The techniques you showed us will help us in harmful situations. We will retain this knowledge that you have given us forever. We will continue to practice and remember our voice is strong too.

Grade 9 Class
Rick Hansen Secondary School

You made us all grow with your help, like this rose.
We were all dead roses until you came and taught us how to be brave and strong.
We will not forget you. Thank you.

Grade 9 Class
Middlefield Collegiate 

Carol, thanx for everything this week! Your humor cheered me up when I was down and the yelling got me pumped for the rest of my day. Now if a bad guy ever tries to hurt me he better be prepared for some whoopin!
Grade 9 Student
Hey Carol, you've been the coolest, funniest and nicest teacher ever. I really looked forward to gym because you were teaching. Thank you
Grade 9 Student 

Thank you Carol for this amazing opportunity to be able to learn how to defend ourselves in the real world by a real pro. Carol you did a great job and you should be proud of yourself because we are really proud of you. You also taught us really well.
The grade nine girls of Rick Hansen School will never forget you and we hope you take care of yourself. Keep doing what your doing girlfriend.
We love you with all of our hearts and we hope you never forget us. We all know we won't forget you because you taught us something that can save us at the end of the day. We love you!

Grade 9 Class
Rick Hansen Secondary School

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