Most people wouldn't dream of investing their time and money in something they hope to never use. Knock on wood that I will never need to defend myself, but if need be I have the skills and confidence to do so.
Because of this, Total Defense is one of the best investments I will ever make, as it is an investment in my personal safety.
Each year my high school arranges for Carol to come in and teach self defense during our phys. Ed. classes for a week. I'm now in grade 11 and I just completed my third crash course in self defense.
Over the years I have bonded with Carol and I will never forget her or what she has taught me. She is an amazing role model and a strong woman with an incredible personality. She builds a special relationship with everyone in the class and by the end of the week she has changed us all for the better.
I urge you to take that step, sign up for a class with Total Defense. You really can't go wrong combining fitness with safety and a sense of self worth. You wont' regret it! And when you go, tell Carol I said hi! 

Grade 11 Student


C Confidence
A A good teacher
R Really funny
O One of a kind
L Loud

Grade 9 Class
Middlefield Collegiate

Thanks for the best week yet of high school experience! You were the best. Thanks a lot! 

Grade 9 Student

Carol you're awesome and you're hilarious and you sure can dance! Who could ask for more? O don't change cuz its' rare to find people as awesome as you. Thanks a bunch!

Grade 9 Student

Carol is the coolest person. I loved it when she did Crank That Soulja Boy! She is a great self-defense teacher, I actually learned (hehe). Bye Carol and take care.
Grade 9 Student

Your comical and easy going behaviour has caught my inspiration! It's been fun, thanks for everything. YOU ROCK!

Grade 9 Student

You are the funniest, most caring teacher ever..........thanks for being so nice and making us feel comfortable.

Grade 9 Student

Dear Tanya
Thank you for all the technique that you learn us to defense ourselves. It was a lot of fun working with you and we think you are a very good trainer and we like you very much.


Cystal, Priya, Susan, Mandy an Shawna
Grade 9 Students

Thank you Tanya for indirectly saving our lives by teaching us how to protect ourselves.

Grade 9 Student

Tanya, thank you so much for making me have more confidence in myself. I learned a lot.

Grade 9 Student

Tanya, thank you soooooo much. I now know to take care of myself with confidence. You rock!

Grade 9 Student

Thank you so much Tanya what you taught us will protect us years to come hope to see you next year.

Grade 9 Student

Thank you so much Tanya I've loved the past few classes of gym.

Grade 9 Student

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