I am writing to let you know what a pleasure it is doing business with you. Too often we assume that people who are as good as you are somehow innately know it so I am taking this opportunity to make sure that you know how valuable your talents are. You are a consummate professional. Your classes are triple plays: invigorating, enlightening and enjoyable. I hope that I never have to use any of the self-defense techniuqes that I have learned from you, but I feel confident that if I ever need to I can.
My students are looking forward to your return to Keswick H.S. They value your lessons because they have seen too many of their friends physically abused or sexually taken advantage of and as a result recognize that the ability to back up the word "No" is a crucial skill.
Your classes are always a demonstration of exemplary teaching tactics. You inspire the students to practise life preserving skills while at the same time you inspire an increased ability to deliver the "No" message by virtue of enhanced feelings of self worth. You do all of this while playing great up beat music and keeping everyone moving and having fun. It is no wonder that you are always booked up at least a year in advance.
Looking forward to a long professional relationship between Total Defense Inc. and Keswick H.S.
Yours truly,

AnnMarie Yapp
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Keswick High School

Carol thank you for the opportunity to watch a master instructor engage all students in learning. You were able to get those who seldom smile actually work and fun at the same time.
I've had a chance to sit back and reflect on my teaching; I'm re-energized and ready to have fun!

Eva Gonos
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Woodbridge Collegiate

Hey you Carol!
Thank you again for the wonderful program you offered my students at FHC.
You are a Class A inspirational role model for all women and you're damn good at what you do! 

Jan Green
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Forest Hill Collegiate

"Total Defense" is totally awesome! We've had Carol in for all our 9 and 10 girls Physical Education classes for the past 2 years and next year Carol will be introducing the Conflict Resolution and Self-Defense program to our grade 9 boys.
Students at Middlefield love Carol's energy, enthusiasm andexpertise and her "Total Defense" program is totally energizing. The knowledge gained, the smiles on the students faces and Carol's wonderful rapport with our students is why MCI Phys.Ed. students and staff look forward to a week long visit from Carol year after year!

Cindy Seligman Department Head
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Middlefield Collegiate Institute

Carol Connor is a talented, enthusiastic motivator and teacher. She offers her students a high energy, motivating program that captures students' interest. Laughter and activity abounds in the gymnasium when Carol is present. Students are exposed to a variety of teaching techniques that engage the students in active learning situations.
Positive reinforcement, a sense of humour, and a relaxed yet firm teaching style describe Carol's classroom approach.
Our Physical Education Program has definitely benefitted from Carol's expertise in Self-Defense and we have already booked her for next year!
A definite 10 plus!!!!!
Thanks Carol for coming to Stephen Leacock C.I. to share your knowledge, skills and expertise with our Physical Education and Health Education Classes.

Elaine Proulx
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute

Total Defense is an exciting and innovative approach to self-defense for women of any age. Students develop positive self esteem as they learn strategies to avoid harmful and dangerous situations. In addition, they learn self-defense techniques that will be invaluable throughout their lives. All programs offered at the high school level follow the new Health and Physical Education curriuclum guidelines.
Carol Connor, the course instructor and founder of Total Defense is not only professional but has a rapport with both students and staff that is unparalleled. Her ability to create a comfortable and effective learning environment is facilitated by excellent organizational skills, attention to detail an infectious sense of humour.
Total Defense offers valuable life skills in an energetic and positive manner. Outstanding!

Sue Hogeboom
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Sutton District High School

Hi Carol,
Just to let you know that one of my grade 9 students is using your company on a poster assignment for health. It involves a comic strip with a girlfriend and boyfriend. The boyfriend becomes overly possessive and the girl's girlfriend refers her to Total Defense!
You truly have a lasting impact on the girls and I hope they all continue to have the confidence they had during your classes. 

Dale Peltola
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Sir William Mulock Secondary School

Carol Connor has instructed the students at Milliken Mills High School on the art of self-defense for many years. Ms. Connor is a confident, knowledgeable professional instructor who delivers a top quality program.
In the week of instruction, the students learn a wide range of effective techniques and strategies to escape from a possible attack. Continual encouragement and correction is provided to reinforce the concepts taught. My students feel empowered, their self-esteem boosted by the skills and knowledge that they acquired in the Total Defense Program.
Ms. Connor's vibrant personality is appreciated by everyone. Lessons are entertaining as well as informative and effective.
Carol continually updates her knowledge base by attending numerous workshops, courses and lectures. She takes her job seriously and wants to provide the best possible instruction to her clients.
It is with absolute confidence that I highly recommend Carol Connor and her company, Total Defense. 

Anne Chellew
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Milliken Mills High School 

Hi Carol,
We enjoyed having you again at TLK!
The girls just love you and what you are teaching them just might save their lives one day. Itís always so much fun to have you. Thank you for your energetic spirit.

Jonelle St. Aubyn
Lifeskills, Health and Physical Education Department
T.L. Kennedy Secondary School

Absolutely fabulous course! Students thoroughly enjoyed Carol's instruction, style and empowerment. The course is truly exceptional. Carol makes people feel good about themselves. The course was fun, professional and empowering.

Niki Nicolaou
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Woodbridge College

Tanya, we are indebted to you for your most capable, uplifting high energy course and instruction

Elaine Maneappa
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Woburn Collegiate

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